Alps Professional Services is a locally-owned business with over ten years of knowledge that prides itself on honesty and building long-term relationships with customers. We have over a decade of managing a huge cleaning team in the whole Central New York area. We are not a franchise, we're one of the LARGEST INDEPENDENT cleaning firms in Central New York.

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  City East Syracuse, NY
  Zip Code 13057
  Address 6101 East Molloy Road
  Phone Number (315) 446-2290

From Our Website

ALPS Professional Services, Inc. is a locally owned business with more than 20 years of experience. We pride ourselves on honesty and building long-term relationships with both commercial and residential clients. We have excelled in our field simply because we understand what quality service means to our customers. We cater to each facility's manager individually and never let our customers down. Plus, we accommodate your schedule and specific needs by operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

A program manager handles a single large account. You may have between 25 and 50 cleaners working for you. You may also be responsible for managing the snow removal, grounds care, recycling, trash removal, and even maintenance on the heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems. It's a big job, but you get a lot of help. You supervise many accounts in a geographic area. Usually you have a supervisor on-site for each account. You are involved in scheduling, ordering equipment, inspecting buildings, interviewing, training, and hiring staff.

Make your home a pleasurable and welcome setting with residential cleaning services from our company in East Syracuse, New York. No one likes a spill on the carpet, but with the help of ALPS Professional Services, Inc. and the CRI™, it is easily cleaned before becoming permanent. Most carpets available today have been given a stain-resistant treatment, so many spills can be removed when immediate action is taken. The probability that the spill will become a permanent stain increases the longer you delay.

ALPS Professional Services, Inc. provides customized maintenance and janitorial services that are tailored to fit the specialized needs of our clients, including government and commercial. While our operation is adequately designed to perform major interior and exterior projects, we are flexible enough to work with each client's existing maintenance program. The primary element in the successful performance of our contract cleaning services is the quality of the people we employ. All of our departments and professionals, including administration and bookkeeping, sales and marketing, operations managers, and cleaning crews, work hard to provide you with an excellent service.