When we are done you'll say it's AllClean! AllClean is a licensed and bonded households cleaning firm with years of knowledge in cleaning and maintaining commercial and domestic carpets, area rugs and upholstery. We are dedicated to delivering homes and businesses like yours, with a cleaner, healthier and more pretty indoor environment. Each job we take gets the individual service it deserves.

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Keeping your carpeting clean can benefit your home in many ways. The staff at All Clean Carpet Cleaning want you to know that even though you vacuum your carpet regularly, to properly clean those fibers deep down, you should work with a professional carpet cleaning company. The biggest reason is that your vacuum does not have the suction power to remove all the dirt, debris, soil, and bacteria that is trapped deep down in the carpet. When those bacteria and mold spores are left behind in that warm and dark environment, they can breed very easily.

All Clean has been in business since 2007 serving Tulare county and surrounding areas. All Clean is a company that guarantees the quality of its work, leading us to provide you with the best possible cleaning services for carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning, pebble tech cleaning, Teflon/scotchgard coating (dupont certified) and deep soil extractions, water extractions by using van mounted steam cleaning machines. We use state of the art hard surface cleaning machines. We also offer a 24 hour response time and a 30 day warranty on most of our jobs.

One of the hardest things to keep clean in your home is the tile and grout. This is especially true when your kitchen floor is also tile. The experts at All Clean Carpet Cleaning have many years experience in keeping those areas of your home spotless and looking like new again. The biggest problem with tile and grout is that once dirt gets into the grout, no matter how clean the tiles are, the area still looks dirty. The reason is because the tile is in fact more dirty than you know. Here are just a few benefits of using a professional tile and grout cleaning service in your home.

Many homeowners take a great deal of time to do spring cleaning on their residence once the holiday season and winter months come to an end. One of the areas that really needs attention however is your upholstery. The team at All Clean Carpet Cleaning will show you how your furniture can benefit from a professional cleaning this time of year. One of the biggest benefits to having the All Clean Carpet Cleaning professionals clean your upholstery is they can get deep down in the fibers and remove all the contaminants and bacteria that is hiding.

Many people decide that they are going to clean their carpets themselves and purchase or rent vacuum cleaners and washers to handle this cleaning themselves. While regular carpet maintenance and vacuuming can be handled by an individual quite easily, more advanced carpet cleaning services should be left to the pros. Professional carpet cleaners have access to equipment that is of better quality and can provide a more thorough clean than the equipment that is available for sale or rent to the average home owner.