All County Cleaning Service is a Family owned and run business. We have been in business for over sixteen years. Our Motto: We dont cut corners, We clean corners!

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  City Indianapolis, IN
  Zip Code 46234
  Address 8535 w 21st
  Phone Number (317) 209-9597

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This company deserves 0 Stars! I purchased (via Living Social) the cleaning services from this unethical company. I paid $30 for a Voucher for Three Hours of House Cleaning from Two Professionals from All County Cleaning Service. Only one person came to my home not 2 as our contract indicates. I said it was not problem as long as she plans to clean for 6 hours. She informed me that she couldn't possibly clean my house for 6 hours that she had 2 other customers to complete that day. She also informed that she has no intention to honor any of the contracts she has via Living Social. Their company couldn't possibly make any money on the deal that I received so they are telling customers that the services will only include 1 person for 3 hours not 2 people. She blames Living Social for the problem. Then, she she admits that the company had 6 cleaning people at one point and now there are only 2 of them and they couldn't possibly afford to have 2 people clean each home.
The ad and contract are very clear on how many people are to clean the home. When I originally purchased the services, I also personally spoke to the owner, Ashley. She and I had very specific conversation about the fact that 2 people would be at my house to clean for 3 hours (she and her mother). She was not pleased with me reminding her of our previous conversation or the contract we had. She said that she doesn't need to argue with me. She will give me my money back. It is clear that this company's approach is to bully customers when they arrive to accept the new contract as 1 person for 3 hours vs 2 people for 3 hours. When customers have waited 3 months for an appointment, spend hours getting their house prepared to be cleaned, possibly have guests coming over, it is easy to be bullied into accepting any new terms of the contract. It is unfair to do business in this manner. The only consequence to the company is that when a customer decides not to be bullied, then the company provides a token refund and never sees that customer again. Meanwhile, the customer is the only one that loses.
I have already processed my formal complaint for All County Cleaning with Living Social. Living Social is very sorry that All County Cleaning is not honoring their contract and is going to refund my money and investigate their business practices. All County is completely ignoring their contract with all customers and wasting hours of customer's time.

The only reason people spend the time and effort to review Living Social coupons daily is to get a great deal. I hired this company to clean my home because of the cost.

It took me over a month to get this company to return my phone calls to schedule a cleaning. Finally, they called me back the day after I needed their services for a large party at my home (12/2010). Their next available cleaning was 3 months later (3/2011). I spent hours getting my home prepared for this company to clean my home. This morning she walks out because she didn't like the fact that I was upset that they would only clean 1/2 of what they promised. Stay away from this company.

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The only reason I put one star because there wasn't any option to put no stars at all! Like Timothy, I too purchased this what seemed like an awesome deal from Living Social. I called to setup my appointment and was told that due to the LS deal they have been extremely busy and the first available appointment was 2 months away. I didn't make any fuss about it and happily booked the first available appointment.

A week prior to my appointment, I received a call from Ashley telling me that the lady who took the appointment was new and ended up overbooking the day of my appointment after I called. As a busy mom and businesswoman, I have to stick to my schedule. So I asked why change my appointment and not those who booked after I did. After failing to receive a viable explanation, I reluctantly agreed to a new appointment date. Then, the day of the appointment arrives... I don't hear from them. After an hour of the appointment time passed, I called the number on my Living Social voucher and no one answered. So I called the number that showed up on my caller ID from when my appointment was rescheduled and left a message. 20 minutes later, Ashley calls back and tells me that she will be the one cleaning my house but she woke up really late because of the time change and that she will just take her daughter to daycare then head my way. I had no choice, I couldn't reschedule this appointment for another day and cancel more meetings. 1 hour... 2 hours... 3 hours... NO ASHLEY! Long story short, SHE NEVER SHOWED UP NOR DID SHE CALL ME BACK!

I called Living Social and got a refund and gave them my two cents about how embarrassing it is to have their name associated with a company like this! BEWARE, USE THIS COMPANY AT YOUR OWN RISK!

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