Experienced Certified Technicians supply the highest standards of quality and service. All Clean Carpet uses only non-toxic, safe cleaning products. All Clean Carpet supplies service to customers in the greater New York metro area, including Long Island, New Jersey, Westchester, and Connecticut.

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Fiber-Shield upholstery protectant is engineered forall types of upholstery fabrics ensuring complete protection againsteveryday spills, wear, soil, stains, and abrasions. Fiber-Shield is truly an amazing product! Fiber-Shield's state-of-the-art polymers fight oil-based stains to further the longevity and beauty of all types ofarea rugs. Fiber-Shieldis applied by All Clean's experienced certified technicians. There is no guessing, no trial, and error, All Clean technicians experience ensures your textile will not change but will defend against day-to-day stains and abrasions.

All Clean's team of experienced certified technicians and client specialists provide top notch, courteous, professional service to their upscale residential clientele like no other. They've been providing carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning and fabric protection services throughout New York City, Westchester, Greenwich and The Hamptons for more than 30 years. Their experience is like no other in the industry, enabling them to provide the best results. They always deliver above and beyond expectations - That's the All Clean difference!

So many fabric cleaning companies do not offer superior drapery cleaning any longer. At All Clean, we couldn't imaginenot providing this service to those in need. As a full-service, company we've been cleaning draperies in Greenwich, Connecticut andthroughout the tri-state for over three decades. From specialty fabrics to fine silks we can clean any drapery, any material. We also clean all types of window treatments to complement all your needs.

Upholstered items are acenterpiece of your home. We sit, lay, gather, entertain and adore someof our upholstered items, and we want to keep them looking just as they didthe day we purchased them new. Keeping upholstered items clean is never easyespecially with pets and active children present every day. All Clean upholstery cleaning services are like no other in the industry. We have cleaned every kind of upholstery available today. Sofa upholstery cleaning is one of our specialties, and when combined with our FiberShield protectant is a superb way to protect all upholstery fabrics.

For over 30 years All Clean has been providing high-quality fabric, and textile cleaning, restoration, protection and storage for residential clients throughout Manhattan/NYC, Westchester, Greenwich Connecticut, and The Hamptons. In addition, All Clean works with some of New York's most respected interior designers, design showrooms, architectural firms, and custom furniture makers. All Clean specializes in the cleaning and care of delicatefabric and textile restoration. Theyalso provide ongoing maintenance forestates, large homes, brownstones, and second homes.

Our "Ultra Carpet Steam Cleaning" process is a "best in class" service that provides the most complete and thorough method for getting your carpets and rugs clean and looking like new. Experience the ultimate in ultra carpet steam cleaning process from All Clean- satisfaction guaranteed! We start with apre-inspection, then an application of a base treatment, followed by apre-vacuumprocedure to ensure all loose dust and dirt are thoroughly removed. We then utilize high-performance equipment designed to penetrate deep into the fibers, thoroughly breaking up oil and dirt and extracting them away.

All Clean warehouse service is off-site cleaning, pre-treating, spot cleaning, Fiber-Shield protection and storage of fine fabrics and textiles (rugs, draperies, table cloths, upholstered items). All Clean's warehouse service provides all the benefits of on-site services with the convenience of having your textiles cleaned and treated at an off-site location. All Clean's warehouse service provides a robust multi-step cleaning and extraction process that is less feasible and sometimes impossible on location.

All Clean has been providing high-end clients with professional steam carpet cleaning services for over 30 years. Steam cleaning for carpets is one of our specialty; providing expert service, techniques and optimal results for penetrating deep into the carpet fibers to break up oil and dirt on the surface and within the base. That is correct, vacuuming is not cleaning your carpeting - Vacuuming your carpets is effective for removing surface dirt and dust, but cleaning deep down in the fibers to remove even the most difficult stains requires professional carpet steam cleaning.