Specialized Industrial Services
- Wet & Dry Vacuum Truck Services for sumps, pits, tanks, boilers, lagoons, dust collectors, storm drains, retention ponds, load transfers, material recovery
- Hydroblasting, Lancing, & Jetting up to 40,000 PSI for heavy industrial cleaning applications as for example tanks, pits, reactors, process pipes, drain pipes, machinery, tank cars, vessels, surface preparation, deburring, deflashing, and precision concrete cutting
- Food Safety Services for keeping hygiene standards in food handling and production facilities such as cleaning ovens, pipes, tanks, ductwork, fans, conveyors, mixers
- Railroad Services to include derailments, load transfers, switch maintenance, installing track mat, spill cleanup, etc
- CO2 Blasting for paint removal, mold remediation, fire and flood damage restoration, food processing equipment, generators, turbines, printing presses, adhesive removal, rust removal
Industrial Cleaning Services
- General Site and Manufacturing Plant Cleaning ranging from routine maintenance to quick turnarounds, and plant shutdowns
- Plant Closures
- Process Pipe cleaning
Disaster Recovery & Environmental Services
- 24/7 Hazmat & Non-Hazmat Spill Response Team
- Natural Disaster Cleanup to involve fire and flood damage
- Site Remediation to involve material sampling and disposal of special and hazardous waste streams
Dealer & Distributor Sales
- Oil-Only, Universal, and Hazmat Loose Sorbents, Pads, Socks, Pillows, Booms
- Spill Response Kits & Containment Products
- Personal Protective Equipment

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Vacuum Trucks, Hydroblasting, Dry Ice Blasting

Serviced Areas

  • Southeast United States

Payment Options

  • American Express, Credit Terms Available, Discover, MasterCard, VISA

Contact Details

  Person Daryl Miller
  City Scottsdale, AZ
  Zip Code 85255
  Phone Number (602) 601-7000
  Fax 334-408-2643

Business Representative

Daryl Miller

Operations Manager

Products & Services

Vacuum Truck services

Vacuum Truck services

Alexanders industrial vacuum service has the power to pick up any material or debris from several hundred feet away. Our vacuum trucks enable the safe, fast removal, transport, and disposal of industrial wastes from areas that are impractical to reach with excavators and augers. We easily vacuum a variety of materials and debris ranging from solids, to liquids, slurries, sludges, dry powders, and debris. Our fleet of trucks can be deployed at a moment's notice to support emergencies, scheduled turnarounds, or routine maintenance operations.

Trap, Tank, and Pit Cleanout
Debris Removal
Spill Cleanup - Liquids, Sludgs, Dry Solids
Material Recovery
Load Transfers
Storm Drain Cleanouts
Pipeline Cleaning
Air & Hydro Excavation

Railroad Services

Railroad Services

Our railroad services division is ready to respond 24/7 to derailments either on a mainline or in a yard. Our staff stands ready to quickly, safely re-rail cars, clear the right-of-way, remove spilled product, and reopen the rail to traffic. Our Operations center coordinates resources to make sure proper equipment and people are mobilized to the scene. Alexanders is here to get you back in business as quickly, and safely as possible!

Load Transfers
Tank Car Washing
Material Stock Piling
Environmental Remediation
Hazmat & NonHazmat Response

Hydroblasting Services

Hydroblasting Services

High-Pressure cleaning is Alexanders Services area of expertise. Our high-pressure pumps, nozzles, and ancillary equipment are a great solution for restoring your plants productivity. Our pumps are used for a broad array of cleaning applications ranging from residue removal, stubborn deposits, calcites, rust, sludge, and other material from vessels, boilers, process piping, heat exchangers, condensers, fans, etc.

No two cleaning jobs are the same, and each job presents a different set of obstacles. At Alexanders Services you will find the staff with the ingenuity, discipline, and hard-working mentality that it takes to get the solutions you need.

Surface Preparation & Cleaning
Tank Car Cleaning
Reactor Cleaning
Tank and Pit Cleaning
Deburring, Deflashing, Cutting
Pipe & Tube Cleaning
Tank Car Cleaning
Pool Refurbishment
Fiberglass Lining Removal
Drain Jetting