AIMM TECHNOLOGIES. AIMMTECH is a qualified Texas-based petrochemical service firm with an extensive history of cleaning fouled exchanger tubes, furnaces, and pipes. The AIMMTECH mission is to supply an alternative to conventional methods of cleaning the interior of tubes and pipes.

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  City Texas City, TX
  Zip Code 77590
  Address 111 35th Strt S
  Phone Number (409) 945-5414

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Hydrokinetics offers proven, patented high-pressure cleaning processes for piping, tubes and process equipment. It's fast-taking hours instead of days to safely remove foulants that other solutions simply can't, getting you back up and running at maximum profitability sooner. Our patented Hydrokinetics cleaning process cleans pipes and production systems other methods can't. By inducing sonic resonance in the water stream, it safely breaks the bond between the metal and the fouling material, allowing the obstruction to be easily expelled.

A Texas-based service company, Hydrokinetics uses a patented sonic technology to address flow and heat-transfer issues worldwide for both onshore and offshore applications. With over two decades of proven success removing foulants from pipes and process equipment, we've earned a reputation for solving the most challenging problems. And with a far safer approach, we can restore flow in a fraction of the time, quickly getting operations back to peak profitability. While our specialty is emergency response, we offer a comprehensive scope of services that include specialized hydroblasting, maintenance and inspection, tank cleaning, disaster services, and oilfield and offshore support.