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Choosing Ecosteam as your service provider will ensure the best in carpet and upholstery cleaning services. We feature a premium, truck-mounted, high-pressure steam extraction system for carpet cleaning and are licensed and insured for both commercial and residential properties.

If you take a moment to think about how much use your upholstered furniture gets on a daily basis, it doesn't take long to realize that your furniture may be in need of serious cleaning. Other items, too, such as fine fabrics or window treatments that are not disturbed often, will gather dust and absorb odors over time. At Ecosteam, we provide professional fabric and upholstery cleaning, and all our technicians are certified, trained, and licensed to perform upholstery cleaning. We will clean and restore your upholstered furniture, bringing back that fresh and clean feel.

Every homeowner wants to keep their hardwood floors clean and looking their best. Like other types of flooring, hardwood floors should be professionally cleaned periodically. Depending on how often your floors are used, you should have your hardwood floors cleaned 1-4 times a year. No matter how hard you have tried you just can't keep your hardwood floors clean, shining like new and free of scuff marks. Stubborn spots refuse to come clean and you don't have the time to sit there and scrub. There are a variety of reasons why your wood floors become dirty and won't quite shine like new when you clean them.

Proper care and maintenance are important if you want to maintain the beauty of your oriental rugs and area rugs. In many cases, oriental rugs require specialized treatment due to their materials, construction, and designs. Incorrect cleaning methods canaffect the integrity of the rug or cause significant discoloration, so you'll always want to trust your rugs with an experienced rug cleaner how knows to properly care for your rugs. Ecosteam rug cleaning specialists are trained to evaluate each type of rug that theyreceive and will determine the most effective, safest cleaning method for that particular type of rug.

If you wake up in the morning with a stuffy nose or puffy eyes, dust mites living in your mattress may be to blame. Dust mites thrive in mattresses, and the Center for Disease Control has said a mattress can have anywhere from 10,000 dust mites to 10 million dust mites! That number of dust mites, combined with the waste they produce, can trigger severe allergies for you and others in your household, but they aren't always easy to remove. Most people think that rotating their mattresses and changing the sheets keeps their mattress clean and free of dust mites, but that's not the case.

Commercial upholstery goes through a lot of abuse from constant use that can leave it looking worn down and dull. When a potential customer or client walks into a business and sees dirty or worn out upholstery, they will make the natural assumptions that your business operations could be just as ill kept. Don't risk losing clients or customers over something that can be easily resolved. Let the commercial upholstery cleaning professionals at Ecosteam provide quality upholstery cleaning so your business environment always looks and feels its best.

Natural stone floors have become very popular over that last few decades. Natural stone floors are beautiful, and can be a large investment in your home. That is why it is important to have your stone floors cleaned professionally. Hiring a professional stone cleaner can help protect your investment and avoid damaging the surface of your stone floors. Durable and beautiful, travertine is used primarily in entry ways, bathrooms, and kitchens. Travertine has tine pores that can gather germs, dust and other debris.

Every business owner wants their business to look professional. Customers won't think twice about judging a company by the appearance of the workplace, so if your tile and grout floors are looking dingy and worn down, your customers might not take your business seriously. Keeping your tile and grout floors clean and fresh with proper commercial tile and grout cleaning services will help keep your business looking professional and raise the moral in your work environment. Your business sees a lot of traffic and your tile floors are affected by all of it.