Ace Carpet Cleaning & Restoration supplies the best quality service to Northern New Jersey and the Tri state area.Our business is to provide your carpet, rug & upholstery a brand new look, using safe organic, non-toxic cleaning materials. High Standards - Right Results Our business has earned reputation by keeping a high level of professionalism and individual care.

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  City Dover, NJ
  Zip Code 07801
  Address Hamilton Business Prk Randolph Township
  Phone Number (973) 328-3438

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If your carpet is looking worn out and run down, you are in need of professional carpet cleaning. ACE Carpet Cleaning provides carpet cleaning services in Essex & Morris County NJ. We have been providing carpet cleaning services to residential and commercial customers for over 25 years. At ACE, customer convenience and satisfaction are our top priorities. For this reason, we work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our carpet cleaning services in Essex & Morris County cover everything necessary to restore your carpet to its original state.

We will get rid of the embedded dirt, mildew and dust mites that collect in your carpet. Cleaning your carpet is a good investment as it will make your carpet last longer before you need to purchase a new one. Our carpet cleaners understand that everyone has different budgets, time to spare, and cleaning requirements, so we will make sure to customize our cleaning plan to fit your individual needs. Area rugs are often used as "floor art" to create visual appeal in a room and add character to a home.

Would you believe that your upholstered furniture receives many daily pollutants that affect the condition and life span of your furniture, which causes damage to your upholstery? It's true your upholstered furniture gets covered daily with dust, skin particles, body oils, dust mites and other environmental pollutants that are hazardous to your health and spoil your upholstery coverings. Occasional upholstery cleaning on rare, gentle or expensive fabrics may lead to upholstery damage. Your furniture is valuable and expensive so professional upholstery cleaning services in Essex County, NJ are only fitting to its upkeep and your health.

Are you looking for carpet cleaning in NJ? Look no further than ACE Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning. Our carpet cleaners in NJ can rejuvenate the carpet in your home or office, removing stains, dirt and grime from the fibers of your carpet. For over 25 years, the knowledgeable and experienced carpet cleaning professionals at ACE Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning have been providing homeowners and business owners with affordable and reliable carpet cleaning in NJ. We utilize a range of comprehensive cleaning techniques and equipment to refresh your carpet, removing pollen, pet dander, stains and more!

Did you know that area rug cleaning prevents dust mites and the accumulation of sand, soil and other debris carried onto your rug from outdoors? Area rugs are decorative pieces of furniture which add character to our homes so it is imperative that they are cleaned and cared for with the utmost precision. Rug cleaning is a specialty job as all rugs are not made with the same fibers, dyes and piles. That is why is it important you call ACE Carpet Cleaners for your rug cleaning in NJ needs. Ace Carpet Cleaners' technicians inspect the fabrics of all rugs for fading, discoloration, stains, wear and any damage.

Are you looking for commercial carpet cleaning in NJ? ACE Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning provides affordable and reliable carpet cleaning services for commercial clients throughout NJ. Our carpet cleaning and restoration professionals can help you refresh and enliven the carpets in your office or retail store. The amount of foot traffic your business's carpet receives, whether by your employees or by your customers, presents a variety of challenges for your carpet. Over time, grime, stains, smells and other blemishes become embedded deep into the fibers of your carpet.