Can you tell when your janitor or cleaning services have been by? Do your clients comment on the looks of your building in a positive way? If not, it's time for you to Receive the Service you Deserve! At ABC Window Cleaners, we provide more than just window cleaning. With over one hundred years of combined knowledge and qualified employees, we can handle all of your building maintenance requirements.

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  City Salem, OR
  Zip Code 97302
  Address 3144 22nd St SE
  Phone Number (503) 363-4457

From Our Website

ABC Windows has built itself upon a long-standing reputation for quality and customer support in the Willamette Valley since 1936. Todd and Brenda Londin's commitment to high quality cleaning and maintenance services continues to this very day. ABC Window Cleaners is our go-to cleaning company for post construction cleaning and window cleaning. We put our full trust in ABC to get the job done. ABC has been able to rejuvenate existing flooring and bathroom fixtures that we never thought was possible.

Established in Salem, OR in 1936, we have been a member of the Salem community for 80+ years (longer than any of our competitors!) We are proud to be OSHA compliant, meet SAIF workman's compensation standards and maintain a $2,000,000 liability insurance policy. Whatis known as "ABC Window Cleaners and Building Maintenance, LLC" was first established in 1936 under the name of "Professional Cleaning Service, " by Dale Stanley. The company motto was "Let ThereBe Light, " and the phone number was 4457.

We are post-construction cleaning professionals. It is our job to make your building project look good by cleaning everything so that your clients can move in and not have to worry about cleaning anything. With that in mind, we understand quality and service are of utmost importance to you! Our trained employees wear uniforms for easy identification on your construction site.

Our crews are always sent out in teams with a janitorial supervisor assigned to each team. We place a Communication Log Book at each customer location and when the team arrives to clean, the supervisor will check the Log Book to see if there are any specific customer comments or requests. They will then indicate the service date, the supervisor will sign the date page and then address any specific comments. One of the management team will also periodically check in with the account, walk the premises and be available to address requests or concerns personally.

When we clean your windows, we don't just "wash the glass", we also clean all the screens, tracks and frames, including sills and ledges. In other words, we are your complete window cleaner. Often times, a homeowner will call and ask us to give them a window cleaning quote over the phone and thanks to the current technology, we can usually accommodate that request. If not, we may have to take a drive over to get a true look at the conditions and style. We will likely give you a range that your glass cleaning will fall in the first time.

Our attention to detail is second to none and we won't skimp on product quality for your job. Only the best from a Procter & Gamble provider! From stripping and waxing, wood floor care, carpet cleaning - we can provide all your commercial floor care needs.

ABC Window Cleaners and Building Maintenance is your Graffiti removal specialist. Whether it's Ink, Magic Marker, Spray Paint or other creative "tagging" tools, most likely we have seen it and can get most of it out of, or off of: Brick, Stucco, Concrete, Wood, Stone.