Set up in 1992, A Preferred Choice started as a tiny carpet cleaning operation. As the years went by, Clint hired his family to aid him take on the rising work loads. As the client base grew so did the demand for a range of services. And thus the Restoration Experts Division of APC was born.

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  City Somerset, WI
  Zip Code 54025
  Address 1972 62nd Str
  Phone Number (715) 247-4433

From Our Website

We are with you every step of the way! Offering sincere concern, upholding promises, ensuring results, restoring your home and protecting your rights. A Preferred Choice has been offering Emergency Restoration services since 1991! APC has remained a family ran company throughout its grownth over a 20 year history, allowing the company to provide advanced services while keeping the personal & caring quality that customers deserve! We take pride in our friendly, honest ethics of operation. Working with us is enjoyable!

APC Restoration Experts uses the most advanced drying systems currently taught in the industry. Our system allows us to dry your sheetrock, structural components, molding, trim and flooring while it remains in tact. On occasion we must temporarily remove certain cosmetic components inorder to dry the underlying layers. However, once your structure's moisture levels have returned to normal we will promptly reinstall such pieces (ie baseboard & doors).

Wait-although once again quick response can be a great help, acting too quickly without taking appropriate measures can jeopordize the success of restoration outcomes. Resisting the urge to begin salvaging and rescuing your personal belonings is almost impossible. Therefore, before you enter. Hire a restoration contractor to secure your property, board up your windows and prevent further damages from the elements. If you've experienced water damage from the extinguishing of a fire you also need to take quick action to begin the drying process.

After choosing a Restoration Professional, the process should immediately begin inorder to preserve and protect your property and contents from further damage. Remember you are not obligated to hire the Restoration Company called in by your insurance. You may select your own restoration contractor. However, be aware that many insurance policies require clean up to begin promptly. Most Restoration Companies will drop everything they are doing and head to your home for an initial meeting and inspection.

All the new buzz involves residue free cleaning! A Preferred Choice has been cleaning carpets for 20 years and by all means has cleaned with zero residue since the technology was introduced about 9 years ago. APC leaves your carpet soft and clear of cleaning residue! Our powerful cleaning systems rely on pressure, temperature and suction to remove your carpets built up soil. And truth be told, if we didn't use "Powerful Soft Water" our equipment would begin to fail and its appearance would lack presentation.