At A Better Carpet & Floor Service we specialize in restoring your carpet's appearance. We'll make it stay cleaner longer with the convenience of our steam cleaning system that will renew the texture of your carpets while delivering improved air quality. We clean your upholstery, drapes, vehicle interiors and extract water if you have a water damage emergency.

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  City Atlanta, GA
  Zip Code 30303
  Phone Number (770) 433-2025

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A Better Carpet and Floor Service offers quality residential and commercial carpet cleaning services to Atlanta and the surrounding areas. We've been cleaning carpets for more than 30 years and stand by the quality of our work. A Better Carpet and Floor Service provides truck mounted steam carpet cleaning, which is the number one recommended method by carpet manufacturers. Our cleaning solutions are environmentally friendly, child safe and pet safe so you can rest easy knowing that we won't leave anything toxic or leave any residues behind in your carpets that attract dirt.

If you've ever had tile and grout in your home or business you know how difficult it is to keep thoroughly clean. Regular mopping, along with the use of at-home tile and grout cleaners is simply not enough to do the job right, In fact, some of these products actually leave a film on the surface causing your floors to look old and dull. Grout and many types of tile are porous. Millions of little holes, divots, and other surface features, which trap dirt and debris, causing your beautiful tile work to become dark and dull over time.

No one expects to need water restoration services. It's just not something we generally consider in the course of everyday life. However, all it takes is a frozen pipe that breaks, a backed up sewer, a water main line breaking, a dishwasher leaking, a washing machine hose splitting while you're at work, even the cat pushing the faucet on while you're on vacation, and suddenly water restoration becomes a primary concern in your life. A Better Carpet and Floor Service is proud to use only the most advanced and state-of-the-art water damage and flood control equipment.

It's important to realize that even the best kept home can smell like the pets that reside in the home. This is because pets usually spend most or all of their time on the ground, and the oil from their body is left on the flooring, as well as their hair. Over time this smell saturates the carpeting, leaving a scent that is not only unpleasant to most but can be embarrassing if you have company. 1. Minor Odor Treatment- Enzymes, which are formulated for chemically sensitive people and safe your family.