24/7 Building Maintenance. 24/7 is an owner - managed complete service commercial janitorial and building maintenance firm operating in both the Greater Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay areas. To supply exceptional cleaning and maintenance services at a reasonable price to property owners and managers. Contact Us for a prompt respond and quote for your requirements.

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  City Canoga Park, CA
  Zip Code 91304
  Address 21414 Chase Str
  Phone Number (818) 886-6510

From Our Website

We are an exceptional commercial cleaning company. A 24/7/365-day provider for all your building maintenance needs through our unique, ongoing maintenance programs. There is much more to professional janitorial service than dusting, mopping and vacuuming. Regardless of the size of your company, biological, environmental and other advanced technologies must be considered when choosing a provider. We have more than 100 years of commercial building operations experience. 24/7 is owned and managed by seasoned real estate professionals.

24/7 uses its skills and years of experience to custom design a cleaning program that is efficient and cost effective. Night janitorial cleaning services are supervised by a foreperson and backed up by a quality assurance team who regularly visit our clients to check quality, obtain feedback and respond to any concerns. Our clients appreciate our immediate response to all service requests. We have been driven to responsibly minimize our environmental impact while providing quality services for years.

24/7 BMI has the equipment, chemicals and expertise to manage all of our client's flooring maintenance needs, including, carpet, VCT, Hardwood, stone or ceramic tile, terrazzo, marble and granite.

Are you thinking of outsourcing janitorial services but think the cost is more than you are currently paying? Do you, or your employees, need to be relieved of managing the janitorial services for your company and focus on the job for which you, or they, are most experienced and qualified? Is the cleanliness of your premises less than your tenants expect and consistent with the image you wish to project to your clients? Believe it or not, the real question is not whether your company can afford to outsource janitorial and building maintenance.

24/7 provides all types of window washing services and exterior maintenance exclusively for our clients under contract. We handle the entire job including a customized window cleaning plan and budget with optimal frequencies, scheduling, permits and supervision. We handle all the access arrangements. This is especially important with interior work, usually performed off-hours to prevent tenant disruption. All of our work is performed by trained professionals, utilizing state of the art technologies, under the strictest safety standards.